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08|unisModern French (Toranomon)

08|unis モダンフレンチ(虎ノ門)

Our Live Kitchen Allows Us to Bond with Our Customers

Unis, a Modern French Restaurant, was launched to create the perfect environment in which to celebrate special occasions. Head Chef Riku Yakushijin, formerly a sous-chef at the famous Sugalabo oversees all aspects of the food served at Unis. Joining him is Patissier Hideki Eto, an up-and-coming dessert maker who worked alongside Chef Riku Yakushijin at Sugalabo. Having an on premise patissier ensures that an already impressive dinner ends with an impressive dessert. When guests first arrive at Unis they are escorted to a chic waiting room. This is where they wait with all the other guests with whom they will soon share the sitting. This pause before entering the main dining room is an important moment, as it heightens anticipation for the culinary experience soon to unfold. It also allows guests to get to know each other. Once they enter the dining room guests immediately notice the luminescent artwork that surrounds them.
A beautiful lightshow projects on art pieces of arita porcelain that are embedded on walls on both sides of the dining room. The accompanying sound mechanisms give the feeling of watching a live performance. The sense of wonder continues once they are escorted to their assigned seats at the beautiful arch shaped counter that surrounds the open center kitchen. The counter has exactly eight seats, which is said to be the optimal arrangement for chefs to chat and to serve every single guest throughout the course. Everything at Unis is carefully arranged so that customers can enjoy their delicately prepared dishes while experiencing a truly intimate moment. Chef Yakushijin's thoughtfulness is evident at each service as he introduces guests to the luxurious ingredients they will enjoy throughout the course.

  • お客様も料理人も「unis」をハブに祝う気持ちを共有して生み出されるコミュニケーションを大切にしたい
  • お客様も料理人も「unis」をハブに祝う気持ちを共有して生み出されるコミュニケーションを大切にしたい

We Source Ingredients From Over 200 Food Producers

As a culinary producer Chef Yakushijin leads all aspects of the food ser ved at Unis, including the curation of the farmers and the producers of raw ingredients. To date, he has visited over 700 producers throughout Japan, and maintains communication with over 200 of them to purchase the best available seasonal ingredients for Unis. Producers appreciate this level of involvement, and some even customize their products to suit his needs. This level of attention is the result of a deep mutual respect. It directly enhances the experience of consumers at Unis, who get to eat delicious ingredients and learn a great deal about them too. In the spirit of celebration, Chef Yakushijin opted to make the salad bouquet the signature dish of Unis. In his interpretation, the bowl the salad is ser ved in substitutes the wrapping paper of a traditional bouquet. The salad is full of fresh aromatic ingredients that are reminiscent of an actual bouquet.


ROCOCO Easily Pairs with Many Flavors, Making it Perfect for a Multiple Course Meal

"ROCOCO pairs beautifully with our lighter dishes such as our signature salad bouquet, as well as with our dishes with stronger f lavors such as wagyu steak. This is what I love about it," says Chef Yakushijin. He decided to ser ve ROCOCO at Unis since it has just the right amount of personality to enhance meals. We recommend a visit to Unis so that you can enjoy Chef Yakushijin’s delicately prepared, heavily researched dishes yourself on a special occasion.

  • どんな料理にも寄り添うROCOCOは長いコース料理のほどよいアクセントに
  • どんな料理にも寄り添うROCOCOは長いコース料理のほどよいアクセントに


Social Kitchen TORANOMON, Toranomon Hills Garden House 1F, 1-23-3 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo
TEL : Not open to the public